Some Early Members

From 1788 to 1800 from the Minute Books - Gives you an indication of what type of man was joining


First Names Surname Occupation Date
Alexander Walker Walker 1788
William Doig Doig Hammerman 1788
James Wales Wales Wright 03/12/1788
James Sharpe Sharpe Plasterer 06/02/1789
James Scott Scott Meal Seller 09/02/1789
William Donaldson Donaldson Shoe Maker 14/04/1789
William Scott Scott Maltman 14/04/1789
James Low Low Maltman 14/04/1789
William Spence Spence Shoemaker 10/09/1789
William Kid Ship Carpenter 25/11/1789
Alexander Bonner Maltman 25/11/1789
Alexander Phillips Phillips Boat Builder 28/11/1789
James Low Low Slater 28/11/1789
Thomas Hood Maltman 14/12/1789
James Ogilvie Ogilvie Maltman 14/121789
Alexander Couper Baker 14/12/1789
George Bathie Maltman 14/12/1789
David Ramsay Ramsay Cooper 17/12/1789
William Justice Hairdresser 22/12/1789
William Lyell Lyell Shipmaster 22/12/1789
James Chisolm Grieve to David Laird of Strathmartine 24/12/1789
James Keiller Shipmaster 5/2/1790
David Gall Schoolmaster 19/11/1790
John Bayne Dancing Master 19/11/1790
George Davis Crown Glass Blower 27/11/1790
Cornelius Frogget Ship Master 27/11/1790
William Horn Ship Carpenter 10/12/1792
Thomas Smith Smith Merchant 12/12/1792
James Boddie Slater 26/12/1792
George Bissett Not Available 26/12/1792
John Robertson Robertson Plasterer 27/12/1792
Patrick McLardie McLardie QMS Breadalbane Fencibles 13/7/1793
David Henry Sergeant, 3rd Reg. Of Foot 13/7/1793
James McNab McNab Sergeant Breadalbane Fencibles 13/7/1793
James Drummond Ship Master 18/7/1793
Andrew Waddle Waddle Mariner 10/12/1793
Charles Murray Murray Bombardier 4th Batt. R. A. 18/12/1793
John Scott Scott Maltman 23/12/1793
Alexander Urquhart Urquhart Cork Cutter 23//12/1793
William Johnson Drum Major, Argyle Fencables 23/12/1793
George Banks Manufacturer 30/12/1793
John Banks Manufacturer 30/12/1793
James Robertson Robertson Manufacturer 27/12/1793
John Colman Bombardier 2nd Batt. R.A. 27/12/1793
James Cathro Maltman 9/1/1794
John Craig Baker 9/1/1794
Kinnaird Brown Baker 9/1/1794
Blinshall Mitchell Mitchell Baker 16/6/1794
David Steven Steven Hammerman 17/6/1794
David Low Low Brewer 17/12/1794
John Easson Not Available 26/12/1794
John Patterson Patterson Not Available 26/12/1794
Peter Geddes Tobaconist 5/2/1795
George Wilkie Wilkie Not Available 26/12/1795
George McNab McNab Musician, Dundee Volunteers 26/12/1795
William Tosh, Tosh Musician, Dundee Volunteers 26/12/1795
John Buick Musician, Dundee Volunteers 26/12/1795
William Miller Miller Musician, Dundee Volunteers 26/12/1795
James Sands Sands Musician, Dundee Volunteers 26/12/1795
Alexander McNabb McNabb Musician, Dundee Volunteers 28/12/1795
George Brown Musician, Dundee Volunteers 28/12/1795
George Rioch Rioch Flax Dresser 28/12/1795
James Wood Wood Not Available 12/3/1795
Charles n Fenton Not Available 12/3/1795
Thomas Urquhart Urquhart 29th Regiment 24/12/1796
Alexander Anderson Mariner 23/11/1796
John Low Low Musician, Dundee Volunteers 30/11/1796
Peter Moncur Moncur Musician, Dundee Volunteers 30/11/1796
David Perry Perry Painter 30/11/1796
Robert Mackie Mackie Maltman 30/11/1796
Peter Stevens Stevens Excise Officer 1/12/1796
John Downie Weaver 1/12/1796
Peter Kirkwood Merchant 1/12/1796
Arch. Sime Sime Merchant 14/12/1796
Thomas Sturrock Sturrock Royal Artillery 25/1/1797
Robert Davie Sergeant, 2nd Batt. R.A. 22-Feb-1979
James Mackie Mackie Mariner 30/8/1797
Joseph Forbes Royal Artillery 30/7/1797
John Haggart Plasterer 6/12/1797
Andrew Donaldson Donaldson Baker 6/12/1797
William Ker Painter 6/12/1797
John Wilson Wilson Ship Master 15/12/1797
Alexander Brown Staymaker 20/12/1797
John Scott Scott Musician, Dundee Volunteers 20/12/1797
James Milne Milne Musician, Dundee Volunteers 20/12/1797
Thomas Crabb Musician, Dundee Volunteers 20/12/1797
George Wallace Wallace Brewer 25/12/1797
James Crichton Brewer 25/12/1797
Alexander Morton Morton Corn Agent 27/12/1797
George Matthew Matthew Farmer (Haughhead at Gray) 9/1/1798
David Batchelor Weaver 25/10/1798
David Doig Doig Weaver 25/10/1798
James Mann Mann Flax Dresser 7/11/1798
David Scott Scott Brewer 17/12/1798
Robert Gowans Flax Dresser 17/12/1798
George Brown Shipmaster 13/2/1799
James Raitt Raitt Journeyman Baker 6/3/1799
James Scott Scott Mariner 2/4/1799
Patrick Alexander Brewer 30/4/1799
James Birnie South Militia 13/6/1799
James Smith Smith Mariner 31/7/1799
James Paterson Patterson Weaver 6/11/1799
James Dunlop Flax Dresser 6/11/1799
John Brand Manufacturer 25/11/1799
David Rea Rea Wright 26/11/1799
David Brown Manufacturer 26/11/1799
Alex Guthrie Maltman 26/11/1799
David Galloway Manufacturer 9/12/1799
William Downie Weaver 9/12/1799
Alexander Phin Phin Tallow Chandler 17/12/1799
Alexander Cuthbert Candle Maker 2/2/1800
John Whittet Whittet Baker 8/2/1800
Alexander Lamb Manufacturer 14/2/1800
John Shanks Shanks Flax Dresser 24/2/1800
David Whyte Whyte Flax Dresser 4/11/1800
David Rait Rait Maltman 12/11/1800
Thomas Matthew Matthew Flax Dresser 13/11/1800
Robert Boyle 3rd (Royal Lanarkshire Regiment) 29/11/1800
Arch. Houston 3rd (Royal Lanarkshire Regiment) 29/11/1800
Peter Milroy Milroy 3rd (Royal Lanarkshire Regiment) 29/11/1800
Robert Turnbull Turnbull Sergeant Lanarkshire Militia 10/12/1800
William Berrie Vintner 18/12/1800
John Ross Ross Sergeant 3rd North British Militia 19/12/1800
John McNab McNab Nailer 26/12/1800
Issac Low Low Baker 29/11/1800


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