The Lodge Charter - 2nd May 1745

The Charter of Lodge Ancient No. 49 - 1745

To all and sundry to whom these presents shall come greetings in God everlasting. Whereas upon a petition to the Grand Lodge of the Kingdom of Scotland, by the Right Worshipful Geo Kirkcaldy, present Master, Peter Smyth and George Patullo, Senior and Junior Wardens, and James Yeaman Junior Secretary for themselves and in name and behalf of the other Worshipful Brethren belonging the Ancient Mason Lodge of Dundee held within the town of Dundee and County of Forfar and Angus, setting furth that their ancestors Free and Accepted Masons in the said Town had upwards of one Thousand years practised Masonry therein as appeared from several Antient pieces of Masonry, such as St. Nicholas Fort, and the Steeple of the said Town, that they in prosecution of the Art, had probably charters and were erected in a Lodge of a more Antient date than the petitioners know of. But under the reign of David fist of Scotland and Malcolm the Fourth and William the Lyon his sons, Kings of Scotland, about the year one thousand one hundred & Sixty. David Earl of Huntingdon, a younger son of King David did arrive in Dundee from the Holy Wars and did erect a Lodge there, procured their Charters, and was himself Master and at the same time built the Churches their adjoining to the Steeple, and a Chapple to the eastward of the Town.

That this Lodge was in virtue of their rights continued down till the fatal storming of the Town by General Monk in September One Thousand Six Hundred and Fifty One, when all the rights and Charters of this Lodge, amongst other valuable things were lost and destroyed: And that ever since that time they have been in use of continuing the said Lodge and to enter Apprentices, pass Fellows of the Craft, and to raise Master Masons therein, upon payment of certain compositions for the life of the poor of their Lodge, and have kept regular records of their proceedings. And being desirous to have the aforesaid erection confirmed by the Grand Lodge as their undoubted Patrons, praying that a patient might be granted to them for that and, that they might be inrolled in the books of The Grand Lodge in common form. The Grand Lodge aforesaid upon advising this petition being fully satisfied with the desire thereof, and evidence given for instructing the same, have after mature deliberation by the tenor hereof Ratified, Approven and Confirmed the aforesaid erection and Constitution in favour of the Right Worshipful Brethren above named and the other brethren of said Lodge, and have of new hereby erected, constituted and appointed them and their successors a true and regular Lodge of Free and accepted Masons, under the title and denomination and to be called in all time coming. THE ANTIENT MASON LODGE OF DUNDEE  and to be kept in the Town of Dundee and ordain all the regular Mason Lodges in Scotland to hold and respect them as such for the future, Hereby Giving, Granting and Committing to them and their successors full power to meet and convene as a regular Lodge, receive and Enter Apprentices, Pass Fellow Crafts and raise Masters of Masons, of payment of such compositions for the use and support of the Bor of their Lodge as they see proper and to elect and make choice of Masters, Wardens and other Office bearers annually or as they may otherwise agree upon.

Hereby recommending the Brethren aforesaid to reverence and obey superiors in all things lawfull and honest as becomes the honour and harmony of Masonry, and shall faithfully become bound and obliged not to desert their said Lodge, And that none of them upon any pretence whatsoever to make any separate meeting without consent of their Master and Wardens for the time, nor yet shall they collect money or other funds from the common stock of their Lodge to the hurt and detriment of the poor thereof.

The said Worshipful Brethren and their successors being always bound by their acceptance hereof in all time coming to obey and fulfil the whole Acts and Statutes and Regulations of the Grand Lodge, as well as those already as hereafter to be made for the welfare, ability and prosperity of Masonry in general, and to pay and perform whatever is stipulated or demanded from them for the support of Grand Lodge, and shall record in their books this present patent, with their own Regulations, ByeLaws, and Procedures had by them from time to time as they may happen, to the end the same may be the more readily seen and observed by their brethren subject. Nevertheless to the review of the Grand Lodge, and also the Brethren aforesaid and their successors are required punctually to attend all general meetings and communications by their representatives, Viz. by the Master and Wardens for the time or by proxys regularly authorised by commission from their Lodge, provided the said proxies be to Master Masons or fellows of Craft belonging to some established Lodge, To the end they may act and vote therein and know the procedure thereof declaring their proceedings in the Grand Lodge. To be and commence from the date hereof and to the effect these presents be the more effectually kept and preserved the Grand Lodge aforesaid have appointed the same to be recorded in their books conforming to the regulations thereanent .

Given at the Grand Lodge held in St. Mary Chapple in Edinburgh this Second Day of May, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty five Years, by the Right Honourable and most Worshipfull James, Earl of Murray, Lord Down and Abernethy, Knight of the Antient and most noble order of the St. Andrew, present Grand Master of Scotland. In presence of the Right Worshipfull John Douglas Esquire, Grand Masters Substitute, Alexander Tait, Esquire, Senior Grand Warden and Thomas Allan, Esquire, Junior Grand Warden and Thomas Milln, Grand Treasurer and the Worshipfull James Rough present Master of the Mason Lodge of Peebles and Archibald Kennedy writer in Edinburgh Depute Clerk of the Grand Lodge and Master of the Mason Lodge of Maybole.

Charter copied by A. Black, Merchant, Dundee and Master Mason of the Antient Lodge, Dundee 5th January 1811.            


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